My son was charged with a serious felony offense in Santa Clara County Juvenile Court. The Probation Officer formally recommended a prison commitment to the California Youth Authority (CYA) and the District Attorney argued for the same at every opportunity. Mr. Avila’s hard work and aggressive in-court advocacy on behalf of our son prevented this from happening and resulted in a very positive outcome. He helped us through an extremely difficult and stressful time and we feel greatly indebted to him.

Mr. Avila handled my DUI/refusal case and, after multiple discussions with the D.A. and the filing of a lengthy pre-trial suppression motion, obtained a full dismissal of all DUI charges. He then represented me at my D.M.V. hearing and won, preventing what would otherwise have been a one-year driver’s license revocation. He’s a great attorney and wonderful to deal with on a personal level. I can’t recommend him enough!
Alex M. (Monterey County Adult Client)

David Avila knows the system, the key people, and how decisions are made. He was strategic, skillful and successful in making the right things happen for my son.
Mother of 17 year-old Santa Clara County Minor

I came across one of your ads in the newspaper, and I felt the need to say thank you. You represented me in 1997 when I was 16 years old for several counts of (residential) burglary. I am now 21 years old and attending college and majoring in Business Marketing and Advertising. Life is good and I’ve definitely changed things around since those events that took place years ago. I just wanted you to know that you made a huge difference in someone’s life.
Steven (Santa Clara County Juvenile Delinquency Client)

The Juvenile Probation Officer was formally recommending that our son be committed to the California Youth Authority (CYA). The District Attorney argued for the same at every opportunity. Mr. Avila’s hard work and in-court advocacy on behalf of our son prevented this from happening. He helped us through a very difficult and stressful time and we feel greatly indebted to him.
Annette, Mother of a San Mateo County Minor

Sequoia Union High District sought to have our son expelled from the District for one year. David was able to negotiate an alternative resolution with the School District’s Attorney prior to the beginning of the expulsion hearing that resulted in our son transferring to a different local high school and not missing a single day of class. His representation made all the difference!
Barbara, Mother of Woodside High School Student

Mr. Avila was able to get our daughter into the DEJ Program despite initial opposition by the Santa Clara County Probation Officer and District Attorney. This resulted in her case being completely dismissed after one year. He was a pleasure to work with, related extremely well to our daughter and gave us an important voice that we would otherwise not have had.
Beverly, Mother of 15 year-old Santa Clara County Minor

Jefferson School District sought a one-year expulsion for our 13 year-old son after he brought a bb gun to school. Shawn is a good boy and a “straight A” student who had never been in trouble before this unfortunate incident. Mr. Avila’s skillful and powerful presentation to the School Board resulted in Shawn returning to school the following Monday. Mr. Avila was fabulous!
Mary, Mother of Jefferson High School District Student, Daly City, CA

I was charged with a DUI and possession of marijuana based upon an incident that occurred while I was visiting California from my home state of Oklahoma. Mr. Avila was able to have my DUI charge substantially reduced, the drug charge dismissed and persuade the judge and D.A. to not order the California First Offender Program. In addition to achieving a very favorable resolution to my case, he made all appearances on my behalf so that I did not have to return to California for court. He did a great job and I highly recommend him.
Brandon, Oklahoma State Resident

I was charged with three very serious felony sex charges in San Mateo County and was facing a lengthy prison sentence if convicted. Mr. Avila worked very hard on my case and was ultimately able to resolve it for a single count of unlawful sex with a minor and a minimal county jail sentence. I am back home with my family and will never forget what Mr Avila did for me.
Francisco, San Mateo County Adult Client