My son was charged with a serious felony offense in Santa Clara County Juvenile Court. The Probation Officer formally recommended a prison commitment to the California Youth Authority (CYA) and the District Attorney argued for the same at every opportunity. Mr. Avila's hard work and aggressive in-court advocacy on behalf of our son prevented this from happening and resulted in a very positive outcome. He helped us through an extremely difficult and stressful time and we feel greatly indebted to him.

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Jefferson School District sought a one-year expulsion for our 13 year-old son after he brought a bb gun to school. Shawn is a good boy and a "straight A" student who had never been in trouble before this unfortunate incident. Mr. Avila's skillful and powerful presentation to the School Board resulted in Shawn returning to school the following Monday. Mr. Avila was fabulous!

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Mr. Avila handled my DUI/refusal case and, after multiple discussions with the D.A. and the filing of a lengthy pre-trial suppression motion, obtained a full dismissal of all DUI charges. He then represented me at my D.M.V. hearing and won, preventing what would otherwise have been a one-year driver's license revocation. He's a great attorney and wonderful to deal with on a personal level. I can't recommend him enough!

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I am one of the only California Bay Area private attorneys (Stanford B.A./Hastings J.D.) specializing in juvenile delinquency defense law. I am passionate about advocating for kids and during the past nineteen years, I have represented thousands of minors in cases involving nearly every offense listed in both the CA Penal Code and CA Welfare & Institutions Code, including, but not limited to the following: all types of theft and drug offenses, probation violations, DUI cases, first and second-degree burglary, auto theft, robbery, carjacking, assault, all types of sex offenses, attempted homicide and homicide.


Juvenile Delinquency Defense

Frequently, I am able to obtain a dismissal or reduction of some or all charged offenses by persuading the Court, the D.A. and the Probation Officer to allow a minor to participate in a court-sanctioned program (e.g., Informal Supervision, Deferred Entry of Judgment, Juvenile Drug Treatment Court, etc.).

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School Expulsion Hearings

In addition to juvenile delinquency proceedings, I represent minors at public school expulsion hearings in all California Bay Area School Districts where lengthy (up to one calendar year) and extremely disruptive district-wide expulsions are at stake.

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Adult Criminal

During my nineteen years as a criminal defense lawyer, I have handled thousands of adult cases of all types from drunk driving, battery and domestic violence matters to the most serious felony cases charged under California’s Three Strikes Law.

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Stanford University Student Title IX Matters

The newly-instituted Stanford Student Title IX Process addresses all instances in which a Stanford student (the Responding Student), while in any undergraduate or graduate degree-granting program, is alleged to have engaged in sexual violence. Based upon his qualifications and experience, Stanford University selected David to be on a panel of six lawyers who represent both student Complainants and Respondents in cases involving any form of sexual harassment (including sexual violence, stalking, and domestic and dating violence).

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